Bill Ridenour for WV Delegate - District 100, Jefferson County

Bill Ridenour for WV Delegate | District 100

Constitutional Conservative Republican for West Virginia House of Delegates

I have spent my entire adult life defending our country. 

I will never give up the fight for American Liberty and security.

Elect Bill Ridenour for WV Delegate 2022!

I will fight to preserve West Virginia as an oasis of Liberty.

I am proudly Pro-Life and Pro-Second Amendment.


Meet Bill

I’m Bill Ridenour – a first time candidate for public office running for the WV House of Delegates for District 100, Jefferson County. We are proud to call West Virginia our home. My wife and I live near Route 115 with our dog Karina.

I served our country as a Marine and a defense intelligence officer for over 40 years. Now it is time to serve the people of West Virginia.

My campaign for WV Delegate focuses on protecting and securing our freedoms and rights under the Constitution. I strongly support the First and Second Amendment. I believe religious freedom is the cornerstone of a free society. I am Pro-Life. I am for LEGAL immigration. I am for small government, lowering taxes, and against government restrictions and mandates. I believe we should Keep West Virginia Free and Open!

We have three sons – my oldest son is an Army National Guard infantry platoon leader currently deployed for combat in East Africa. My middle son is a cyber security software engineer supporting Homeland Security. My youngest son is a combat engineer platoon leader at Fort Hood, Texas. Our family is also blessed with two amazing daughters-in-law. My middle son and daughter-in-law live close by in Berkeley County, WV.

I have been married for 33 years to my incredible wife, Jean, a legal immigrant and fiercely patriotic American.

Our wonderful dog Karina is a rescue, she loves chasing squirrels, going for walks and hikes, and exploring West Virginia.

RIdenour Family

Saying farewell to my eldest son at Thanksgiving as he deployed to East Africa.

Bill Ridenour and son who wrote Anti-Federalist Paper

My eldest son and I at his departure ceremony before he deployed to East Africa.

Marine Corps and Intelligence Experience

I grew up in Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, and Indiana, joining the Marine Corps during the dark years of the Carter regime to protect the greatest country in the world. I was commissioned as a lieutenant and served in combat units during the 1980s, preparing to fight the Soviets and North Koreans. Thankfully, and largely due to the inspired leadership of Ronald Reagan, a cataclysmic war was avoided. I later served as a strategic intelligence officer covering ongoing wars and conflicts in Southeast Asia.

Eventually, I rejoined Marine combat forces and prepared for possible operations in Haiti, Iraq, Bosnia, and Croatia.  After the Iranian terrorist attack on the Air Force Khobar Towers barracks in Saudi Arabia, I worked at the U.S. Pacific Command combating terrorism.  

After retiring from the Marine Corps, I was in the Pentagon during 9/11, losing many friends. I rejoined the counterterrorism fight, deploying to Iraq in 2004 and 2005 as part of a team hunting al-Qaida and Iranian terrorists.  For six years, I led a global DoD counterintelligence campaign against al-Qaida, however our work was cut short by the Obama regime after bin Ladin’s death.  

I continued supporting strategic counterintelligence efforts against America’s greatest foreign enemies. I was a Distinguished Graduate of the Marine Corps War College, and finally retired from federal public service in 2021 as the Joint Staff J2 Chief of Strategic Policy, as I saw the utter futility of advising the feckless Biden regime.

Bill Ridenour and family at Marine Corp War College

My family and I at the Marine Corps War College.

Campaign Positions

Bill Ridenour for WV Delegate – District 100 – Campaign Positions. I will fight for your rights and freedoms as West Virginians and Americans as the Delegate representing District 100. For more information please visit Campaign Positions.

Protect West Virginian and American Liberty

Defend our First and Second Amendments and our Rights under the Constitution

Protect the life of the unborn

Defend small businesses and the local WV economy

Ban CRT (Critical Race Theory)

Keep West Virginia Free and Open

Call for a Convention of States to return power to the states and limit the reach of the Federal Government, under Article V of the Constitution

Make a Difference Locally in Jefferson County, WV

Improve the local infrastructure

  • Direct collaboration with the State of Virginia to improve safety and traffic flow on Virginia Route 9 to protect West Virginians commuting to and from work.
  • Organize efforts, including collaboration with the State of Virginia, to improve U.S. 340 between Wheatland and Gaylord, Virginia
  • Guide improvements to road safety in District 100, particularly Route 32 Chestnut Hill Road and access from the southern Mission Road area

Support jobs and the local Jefferson County economy

  • Attract high-skills public servants and businesses to the Jefferson County area
  • Direct the state government seek out police officers dismissed due to vaccine mandates in other states to fill West Virginia law enforcement vacancies.
  • Direct the state government seek out medical employees and teachers dismissed due to vaccine mandates in other states to fill West Virginia medical and teacher vacancies.
  • Direct the state government seek out businesses suffering under vaccine mandates or other Leftist agendas in oppressive states for relocation to West Virginia

For more information please visit Campaign Positions

Map of District 100 – Jefferson County, WV

Contact Bill

Feel free to contact Bill at [email protected], or use the form below to send him a message! Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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